10 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Small Living Room

  • By Spendlessy
  • Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Your only stop for all things related to interior designing and home decor is here, keeping in mind that the living room is the most cherished part of the house. We’re gonna help you turn your dull and congested living room into a vibrant and trendy one with the help of a variety of resources and ideas. Spend Lessy is your go-to source for turning your dream living room idea into reality.

Here are a few ways to decorate your small living room:

Wallpaper and Paint

Selecting wallpaper and paint color is the first step to decorating your house.

If you’re able to select a suitable light color for your living room it will turn that area into a cozy and make it more spacious. Textured or simple wallpaper will give the illusion of a larger room, vertical striped wallpaper can help with the height of the room best for low-ceiling rooms.

Painting the ceiling a lighter color than the walls also helps you create an open and spacious look. Personal preferences also play an important role, you should always get a sample and apply it to a small section to predict the future outcome. Do whatever makes you happy.


You can hang mirrors on the wall which will help you in enhancing your little space easily as they reflect the light giving an illusion of a large space. They also help you with the aesthetics as well giving it an exquisite look. 

You can easily balance the imperfections with the help of a mirror whether it’s a wall, nail, dark space, or mirrors can help you with it. Placing a full-length mirror around the entrance helps you take a look at yourself before entering the room. 


You need to find such furniture that can be used for multiple purposes like sofa cum beds that can help you save space, and coffee tables that come with various storage options. 

Multi-purpose furniture is an excellent choice for maximizing space and functionality. It helps in keeping the room organized and adaptable to different needs.


Your choice of rug is important as it can impact the overall look of the room. A well-placed area rug by the size of the room and furniture should be placed. Choose a rug that fits your place and vibe easily. 

Layering rugs up by placing a small rug over the smaller one can help you elevate the overall look of the room. The shape of the rug also matters as round and ovoid rugs aren’t complimentary in some surroundings.

Foldable and Stackable Furniture

Wall-mounted desks can be folded after you’re done with your work. Nesting tables can be stacked back up when they’re not in use allowing for more floor space. Several dining tables and chairs are foldable which can help you up with saving space.


You can use good lighting to draw attention to specific areas. Using dim lighting can help you keep your mood lively. You should pay attention to the color temperature of your source of light. 

For instance, warm(yellow) light creates a cozier ambiance, while cool(blue) light can make the room feel more open.

Try to maximize natural light by keeping window treatments minimal or using sheer curtains as it makes the space feel more open.

Vertical Storage

You can utilize vertical space with tall bookshelves or cabinets as it maximizes storage without taking up valuable floor space and makes the room feel less crowded.

Vertical shoe racks or cabinets can help keep your entryway or living room tidy. Display cabinets with glass doors can showcase decorative items while protecting them from dust.

Small Living Room

Minimalist Decor

Try to keep your decor minimal and clutter-free as too many items in one room can make it suffocated and cramped. You can make use of hardwood or polished concrete to provide a clean and uncluttered look.

Adding a few pieces of minimalist wall art or photography can help you to elevate the look of the room. Simple, monochromatic, or abstract designs work well.

Hanging Plants

Adding plants to your living room can add a connection to nature. Placing small indoor plants will help you bring life to the space. Hanging plants can add a beautiful element to your home decor.

By choosing the right plants carefully considering their placement and care, you will be able to create a beautiful green oasis in your living space.

Custom Furniture

You can have custom-built furniture that can be tailored by a carpenter to your room’s dimensions, making the most efficient use of space.

You can have full creative control over the design and functionality of your living room by working together with a furniture designer or a local craftsman to turn your ideas into reality ensuring that your living room is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.


The key to decorating a small living room is to be creative, keep it organized and minimalistic, and focus on the functionality of the space. With the right design choices, you can make your small living room both stylish and comfortable, preventing it from being stuffy.