How to Master Celebrity Fashion Looks on a Budget

  • By Spendlessy
  • Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Deep inside all of us want to dress and look like our favourite celebrity but not all of us can afford to buy expensive dresses and luxurious accessories.

SpendLessy have good news for you! By following our tips and tricks you can look like a celebrity without getting broken.

Smartly Replicate Your Favourite Dresses

We will not let you spend thousands of dollars on a dress when you can replicate that dress at a fraction of the cost. All you need to do is go through the social media profiles of your favourite celebrity and take a screenshot of all the dresses that made you fall in love at first sight.

Until now, you have started imagining yourself flaunting in that dress. Your next step will be to make a list of the accessories you need to replicate the dress. From fabric to laces write down about all the stuff you will need.

Now you are one step closer to your dreamy dress. Your next step is to go nearby wholesale clothes market where you can find a variety of fabrics. Here you need to play smartly, try your best and find the fabric that matches your dreamy dress. You can buy the fabric per metre cost, so according to the design of the dress and your body size you can buy the fabric.

Being a fashion enthusiast, you must have an eye that can find out all the details of the dress that you want to replicate. It may be buttons, laces, frills, or any other accessory. Within a few attempts, probably you will find the accessories that match closely with your reference picture.

Luckily, now you have everything in your hands and all you need is someone to stitch a replica for you. If you know how to stitch it will be the cherry on top but if you cannot stitch don’t be sad there are countless professional tailors who can stitch any designs, you show them.

Find them, discuss your budget with them, and within a few working days you will surely get the exact dress you fell in love with that too without breaking the bank.

Try To Pay Utmost Attention To Your Hair & Makeup

If you want to master celebrity fashion, everything should go hand in hand. If you want to achieve a celebrity look, your makeup and hair should look flawless. Usually, your face is the first thing that people look at so makeup and hair styling will make a huge difference in your look.

For hair, you should go for a neat and clean look. You do not need to be a hair stylist to achieve any particular look. Again, take a screenshot of all those hairstyles you love, and you want your hair to look the same at an upcoming party. Before the event night try to practise that hair style for 3 to 4 times. You can find unlimited hair styling video tutorials on YouTube.

We all know celebrities all around the world use high-end makeup to create iconic looks that people rave about. But do you know you can achieve that same look without buying makeup from high-end brands? There are many local cosmetic companies that are experimenting and recreating the same makeup.

You can go to any nearby makeup store and there you will find many amazing drugstore makeup options. You can try the samples and we are sure you will find some great makeup products that are formulated with quality ingredients. So, without ripping off, you can buy quality makeup products to achieve your dreamy look.

Go For Statement Jewellery Pieces

A celebrity fashion look is never completed without wearing statement jewellery pieces. For star-studded fashion mega events like the Cannes Film Festival, Met Gala, Paris Fashion Weak, and other different events celebrities wear some beautiful statement jewellery pieces.

These jewellery pieces are made from the finest gold, diamonds studded with real gemstones that are worth millions of dollars. To recreate a celebrity, look on a budget you don’t need to spend a fortune. Again, to replicate the same design, you need to screenshot your favourite jewellery pieces. Go to any nearby well-reputed jewellery shop that is expert in crafting fine jewellery, show them your designs, and discuss your budget.

You can opt for silver, gold, platinum, nickel, semi-precious stones and other affordable metals. In artificial jewellery, there are many grades of purity. Depending on your budget you can select the metal, stones, and your design. There are many expert jewellery makers who have years of experience in replicating high-end jewellery pieces. Their work is so fine that it will be difficult for many of us to differentiate between real jewellery and artificial jewellery.

  • These days is all about layers. You can do layering with your necklaces, rings, and bracelets to achieve that celebrity look. For neck pieces, you can choose different sizes, shapes, and colours that will beautifully hang around your neck giving an aesthetic look. You can also make a ring stack, take 2 plain rings and add a ring studded with stones in between, you can do it with your bangles.
  • Bold statement earrings are trending these days. Big metallic loops, dropping sparking stone earrings, and some cute pearls can never go out of trend. Whatever earrings you choose make sure they complement your dress, hair, and face shape.
  • This is a power tip for you. If you are wearing heavy big earrings, always skip to wearing a necklace or if you want to wear a statement necklace studded with rubies, pearls, and other gemstones skip your earrings.

Jewellery Pieces

Don’t Forget Your Shoes & Bag

To look like a fashion diva, you do not need to follow blindly any celebrity. You can replicate the dress, follow their makeup and hairstyle but you can always add your fashion sense.

By adding some accessories, maybe you can achieve a more grand look. You can play around with different shoes, bags, hats, belts, and other accessories. Sometimes, the best fashion is born on the streets.

You can buy the most expensive clothes, handbags, and shoes from top brands but you cannot buy the style. How you carry the outfit is more important than its price tag. You can look beyond amazing without buying from the most expensive designers.

You can follow the fashion trends and create any master celebrity look within your budget.