Exploring the Influence of Streetwear Culture on High Fashion

  • By Spendlessy
  • Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Streetwear is a fashion brand that gained immense popularity within a few years. Streetwear has changed the fashion dynamics. It has challenged luxury fashion and successfully broken traditional fashion norms.

It is a fusion of urban culture and modern fashion. Streetwear has always been a popular fashion choice for the young generation. High-end brands like Supreme, Stussy, and BAPE after seeing the crazy popularity of streetwear, came forward and helped the brand conquer all the parts of the USA and Europe.

What Is Actually A Streetwear & Why It Has Become Popular?

Streetwear is a collection of trendy casual clothes that are specially designed after taking inspiration from hip-hop, punk rock, graffiti art, and skateboarding. Initially, the clothing line mainly consisted of tees, jackets, hoodies, sneakers, and sweatpants.

  • Behind the huge popularity of streetwear is Hip-hop. Many top artists of the band like Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G, and Run D.M.C started wearing streetwear in concerts. Within no time, streetwear gained overnight popularity. Baggy pants, oversized tees, and colorful sneakers became the symbol of hip-hop.
  • Teens particularly want to invest in clothes that are comfortable for daily wear. The target audience of streetwear was clearly youth, so they designed stylish clothes that were super comfortable to wear. They use breathable fabrics such as cotton, fleece, and French terry and the best part was their loose fit.
  • One of the popular reasons behind the streetwear’s popularity is its versatility. After mixing and matching, streetwear can be worn to create multiple looks. You can wear it casually during the day with a pair of sneakers or you can wear it after some additions with a pair of shoes for a night party.
  • There are many streetwear brands that launch limited-edition pieces. These launches are usually a collaboration with emerging artists or brands. These editions usually create much hype in the audience and drive many consumers.
  • Streetwear clothes usually represent hip-hop and urban culture. Due to its high influence from various cultures, it has become a top fashion trend globally.

Streetwear On High Fashion

Influence Of Streetwear On High Fashion

Luxury brands after recognizing the huge popularity of streetwear began collaborating with them. The fusion of modern luxury wear and streetwear is now sold as luxury streetwear.

A luxury brand is known for its fine quality and excellent craftsmanship. So, from the line of luxury streetwear, you can expect quality fabric and seamless craftsmanship. That’s how streetwear is catering for all classes of audiences.

Streetwear has always been used to represent different cultures. Each article reflects the story making it unique and exclusive. Luxury Streetwear is designed for people of off ages and races. Young people enjoy the luxury element present in these collections while older people look for the comfortability.

High consumers of streetwear are usually Hyperbeast (individuals who avidly follow fashion and have a strong desire to own exclusive pieces that symbolize social status and cultural identity).

Sustainability is the key feature of Streetwear. These days consumers are usually more attracted towards environment-friendly products. Streetwear has now started to use organic materials and offer recycling programs that will benefit the environment.

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