How Much Does A Good Trip To Japan Cost?

  • By Spendlessy
  • Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Before planning a trip to Japan, you must know the average traveling cost.

Traveling cost mainly depends on two main factors. Number one is the mode of transportation and the other is the standard of a hotel you choose to stay in. Other factors include the duration of your stay, the activities you do there, and the food you eat.

You may have heard that Japan is too expensive to travel but the truth is different. Japan is way cheaper than many other Western countries. If you plan your trip smartly you can experience a good trip to Japan without surpassing your vacation budget.

Plan Your Trip To Japan Smartly & Save $$$

Search For The Lowest Airfare

Paying for an airfare is the starting point of a trip which will cover the largest cost of your trip. You can save lots of money if you follow this trick. Go to Google Maps and search for all the flights that are flying to Japan. Compare the prices, services, and most importantly your duration of flight.

Browse as much as you can, and you will surely find the best deals that can save you a lot of money. However, roughly a round-trip to Japan usually costs anywhere from $800 to $1800. Costs of airlines may vary depending on your departure location and season of the year.

Try not to book your flights during the peak traveling period which is usually between March to September. When the winter arrives and the temperature drops to freezing, usually the ticket prices fall significantly. Depending on your destination point and departure point you may find the ticket for around $600.

Go For The Cheapest Accommodation

Do not go above and beyond for an accommodation. Do not spend hundreds of dollars on a 5-star hotel when all you do is sleep. Rather save that money and enjoy the experiences while you explore Japan.

Hotels in the big cities of Japan like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are way more expensive than the hotels in smaller cities.

For example, the average cost of a hotel in Tokyo is around 7,000 to 30,000 Japanese yen per night ($47 – $200). However, a night in a 4-star hotel in Tokyo may cost you around $200 – $500 depending on the size of your room.

Similarly, if you are planning to stay in Kyoto you may need to spend more than $200 per night for a 4-star hotel. You can save plenty of $$ if you book a rental apartment for your stay rather than a 4-star hotel.

In the price range of $70 – $200, you can get a luxury apartment with a kitchen, bedroom, and dining room. You can cook any food you want there and save yourself from ordering food from a restaurant.

If you are on the tighter side of a budget, you may even opt for a hostel and capsule hotel where you can get a room for $15 to $30 per night while the guesthouse will charge you around $50 – $100 per night.

A Good Trip To Japan Cost

Cut Transportation Cost As Much As You Can

Consider opting for public transportation as much as possible. Private taxis are the most expensive mode of transportation. Usually, taxi fares start around 400 – 800 yen ($2.5 – $4) for the first 1- 2 km which will increase to around 80 – 100 yen for every additional 200 – 400 meters.

Japan’s public trains are modernly designed, clean, comfortable, and most of all always on time. All you need to do is get a Japan Rail (JR) Pass. The pass allows you to travel multiple times from one corner to another. A 7-day JR pass is roughly around $224 (passes for children are half of the price).  Make sure to buy the pass before you arrive in Japan. Click the link and you can buy it several weeks before you arrive.

These passes are a lifesaver. With a quick tap, you can also buy anything from vending machines at the stations. The best part about public transport is their fares do not change during peak travel periods.

Costs Of Some Famous Activities To Do In Japan

Use your best traveling partner (Google) and search for the best tourist spots. There are many temples in Japan that offer free entry while few may charge an entry fee that is roughly around $4 – $5.

Theme parks such as Disneyland are quite expensive in Japan. Depending on the park and activities prices may range from around $20 – $90 per person. However, there are many amazing museums that are quite affordable. The entry fee for museums is roughly around $5 – $20 per person.

Below are a few famous places where visitors usually go in Japan:

  • Nago Pineapple Park (price starts from $7 per person)
  • Japan Tokyo Tower (price starts from $15 per person)
  • Yokohama Zoo Zoorasia (price starts from $6 per person)
  • Kouri Ocean Tower (price starts from $6.8 per person)
  • Digital Museum Red Tokyo Tower (price starts from $32 per person)
  • Tokyo Fuji Art Museum (price starts from $8 per person)
  • Nature Walk At Minoo Park (price starts from $80 per person)
  • Family Mitsui Home Museum (price starts from $7 per person)
  • Oita Fragrance Museum (price starts from $3 per person)
  • Moomin Valley Park (price starts from $34 per person)

Enjoy The Affordable Food Options

Japan is well known for its unique cuisine. If you are a foodie, you are going to love the street food of Japan. You can buy a full bowl of ramen for $8. Your average food cost will roughly be around $20 – $25 per day per person.

From street food options, you can buy famous takoyaki, yakitori, and many others. However, restaurants such as Izakaya (with bars) offer you lunch for around $20 – $25 per person and dinner will be for around $25 – $35. To save cost you can choose small-scale restaurants like Shokudo that serve a meal in a less fancy way but way more delicious than meals served at Izakaya.


A good trip to Japan may cost you around $10,000 for a 14-day trip. This rough price is calculated on the assumption that you are going to stay in apartment rentals, use public transportation, eat at small restaurants, and enjoy a limited number of activities.