To Keep Foods Safe, Which Methods Should Be Used to Store Food For Future Use?

  • By Spendlessy
  • Updated: Nov 1, 2023

If you want to store your food for a longer period learn all the safety methods of food storage

Importance Of Food Storage & Preservation

Before you learn about food storage methods you must understand the importance of food storage.

  • Proper food storage inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps in the prevention of food contamination.
  • Consumption of spoiled food can lead to food poisoning which can severe diarrhoea and vomiting.
  • Improper food storage can affect the nutritional value. The food may taste normal, but the quality will not be the same.
  • In the end, contaminated food will be wasted and thrown in the garbage. When millions of people starve daily, food waste is the saddest thing to see.

Methods Should Be Used To Store Food For Future Use

To save your food from bacterial contamination there are some famous food preservation methods that you should know about.


Food Freezing is one of the best and easiest methods of food storage. 0deg temperature prevents the growth of any bacteria, yeast, and molds that cause both food spoilage and foodborne diseases.

To keep your food safe in a freezer for a longer period make sure to maintain the temperature and store the food in airtight containers.


For thousands of years, salt has been used as a preservative in food safety. Before there were no traces of refrigerators, people used salt to prevent the growth of microbes. Salt works by disrupting the cell walls of microorganisms and reducing the water content.

Salt can be used in 2 ways to preserve the food. Either you can rub the salt on the food and leave it to draw moisture out of the food or you can soak your food in brine (concentrated solution of salt and water). Both methods will help you in saving your food for future use.

Pickles are one of the best examples of a salting method another example is salt in butter which dries out the water molecules and keeps the butter safe for months.


Quite like salting, sugaring the food can save it from getting deteriorated. High sugar content stops the growth of bacteria and absorbs the water molecules.

All your favorite fruit jams and marmalades are safely preserved with this food-storing method. You can use sugar in many forms including syrup, molasses, and honey to preserve fruits and vegetables.

Osmosis is the process that helps in the prevention of food spoilage. When a high concentration of sugar is added to food it will absorb all the water from the food. Bacteria require water for growth when there are no free water molecules in the food there will be no microbial growth.


Food Canning is the method that people commonly use when they need to travel from one part to another. If you follow the proper canning method, you can safe food for a much longer period.

Rather than using old empty jam pots, buy proper airtight stainless steel, plastic, or glass jars that can be heated up to 100 degrees. Before you use the jars, you must sterilize them in simmering water for 10 minutes. The second step is to rinse thoroughly the food you are going to cook. Drain all the water and cook the food as per the given instructions.

Now fill the jars with food but make sure to leave some space and release all the air trapped inside the jar. Lastly, before you seal it, clean the head of the jar now adjust the closing lid until it is firmly tight.

Use The Stored Food Within Its Expiry Date

Whatever food storing method you choose just make sure to consume within its expiry date. Always check the food quality before you munch it. If you observe any bad odor or bubbles at the surface, make sure to discard it.

Improper food storage can do more harm than good. It may cause you or your loved ones any life-threatening conditions.