Mexican Cuisine Restaurant

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  • Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The moment you try Mexican food there is nothing that can stop you from having it again and again. A plate of Mexican food is far more than a combo of magical ingredients. If you have ever eaten Authentic Mexican Food, it will be a lifetime flavor to remember.

Hundreds of Mexican Restaurants globally claim to cook Authentic Mexican Food but only a few of them can actually do justice. As Mexican food is more than burritos and tacos.

Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in USA

We have listed down for you a few top Mexican Restaurants in USA that are actually serving Mexican cuisine that will never disappoint you.

  1. Cosme

A Mexican restaurant in New York that food lovers wish to come back to again and again. Opened in the year by Olvera with a vision to bring Mexican flavors into the States.

If you go there, you can order these most famous dishes. Uni Tostada (tortilla loaded with meat of sea urchin, tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocados), another famous food is Duck Carnitas (fatty duck marinated overnight with dried chiles, oranges, tomatoes, and star ingredient Mexican Coca Cola), Huckleberry Raspado ( a refreshing drink made up of huckleberries blended in coconut milk and lots of ricotta cream cheese).

Cosme is one of the United State’s most expensive Mexican Restaurants but eating there is worth every single penny.

  1. Javier’s

These days Javier’s has been an Instagram sensation. Ranking as one of the top restaurants in California, USA serving the best Mexican food in town.

Javier Cantina is well-known for cooking the tastiest Mexican food and offering a fine dining experience. If you want to enjoy your food sitting on the patio facing the Pacific Ocean, Javier’s will be an ideal Mexican restaurant for you.

Reserve your seats at Javier’s today and satisfy your seafood cravings. From topos de mariscos (nachos with shrimp and crabs) to a hand-shaken margarita, you can order a variety of foods.

Mexican Cuisine Restaurant

  1. South Philly Barbacoa

This restaurant has an interesting history. Martinez, a Mexican girl migrated from Mexico to the United States. In her initial days, she faced extreme hardships as she was unable to get a job in the US due to incomplete documentation.

What she did afterward made her an iconic chef in Philadelphia. She started cooking her best dish, Barbacoa from her home and started selling it. Martinez got overnight fame with her dish. People started craving for her barbacoa madly and forced her to open a restaurant where she could cook in large batches.

Her secret cooking technique is to marinate the lamb and leave it overnight in steamers. That’s how you get that feeling of meat melting in your mouth.

So, if you ever get a chance to visit Philadelphia don’t forget to visit South Philly Barbacoa. The restaurant only operates 3 days a week that is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Expect a huge line crowd there but don’t worry you will get your barbacoa.

  1. Barrio Café

A Mexican café founded by Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Since the year 2002, it has been running and the Food Network’s Diners Drive-Ins & Dives has featured it.

It is ranked as one of the best Mexican Restaurants in the United States. Chef Silvana is known to put her heart and soul into her cuisine. Since her early childhood, she has been cooking food along with her family. One of the famous food critics, Howard Seftel has given Barrio Café a 5-star review.

Must-order food items are tableside guacamole (mixture of ripped avocados, jalapenos, tomatoes, red onion topped with pomegranate and cilantro), Quesadilla De Camaron Borracho (tortilla loaded with shrimp, tomato, cilantro, and lots of Mexican goat cheese), and one of the most famous items on the menu is Enchiladas Suizas (grilled chicken breast topped with crema Mexicana, Granada, tomatillo cream sauce).

  1. La Esquina In New York City

A Mexican Restaurant in New York is located in a corner of a very pretty street in Guatemala. This place is a vibe, people go there to enjoy a meal in a cool, chic, and cozy place.

If you go there do start with an iconic appetizer, Garnacha. It is a fried corn tortilla topped with onion, cabbage, cheese, and cilantro. Though Tacos belong to Mexico you can find some really good tacos at La Esquina. For the main course, you can never go wrong with ribs marinated with chili pepper, and cinnamon, and cooked under a vacuum. Enjoy your food here with a glass of cocktail.


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