Physical Fitness Is An Important Part Of Overall Health

  • By Spendlessy
  • Updated: Oct 16, 2023

It is said that “He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything”. Physical fitness is the first key to unlocking a healthy and happy life.

The Characteristics Of A Physically Fit Person

A body that is free from diseases (that can affect the quality of a life) is termed a physically fit body. If you can do your everyday life activities such as climbing the stairs, cleaning your house, going for a grocery, and cooking a meal without any discomfort, you absolutely fit under the category of physically fit individuals.

A healthy person not only feels healthy but also looks healthy. That means a person who is physically fit maintains an appropriate weight. Neither he is underweight, nor he is overweight. Let’s not forget about the flawless skin of a healthy person.

If a person is physically fit his skin will reflect it. There will be no pimples, blemishes, rashes, stretch marks, or excessive dryness or oiliness as all these physical characteristics reflect the inefficient working of internal organs.

Alike skin, the quality of your hair works as a mirror of your internal health. Like skin, healthy hairs should also shine. If you are suffering from excessive hair fall, dryness, split ends, and dandruff it may show you the signs of any underlying disease or any deficiency.

Ideally, the face of a physically fit man should be clear and glowing. There should be no dark circles or puffiness around the eyes and the hairs should glint, and shine, with no sign of dandruff.

Physical Fitness Can Save You from Chronic Diseases

Prevent Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death all around the world. Moderate physical activities lower the chance of heart disease and improve your CRF (Cardiorespiratory Fitness).

CRF is measured with the maximal oxygen uptake Vo2max. According to a study, a man with a low CRF increased his physical activity for 8 years and reduced his mortality rate by 50%. Exercise allows your heart to increase blood circulation by expanding the growth of capillaries.

Aerobic exercise is ideal for improving heart health. It improves blood circulation which helps in lowering high blood pressure and heart rate. You can do this exercise for 30 minutes a day and 5 times a week.

Saves You From Diabetes

Diabetes is another common disease that is spreading rapidly worldwide. Millions of people are pre-diabetic (blood sugar levels higher than normal). As per out of 3, 1 person is prediabetic in America.

Controlling weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels can help in delaying the early onset of Diabetes. As per the reports of a clinical trial conducted by the National Institute Of Health 30 30-minute walk a day along with some moderate-intensity workouts and a clean diet can help in the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes by 58%.

Start eating a low-fat diet rich in essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits moderately. Below are a few examples of moderate physical activities that you can start doing:

  • Brisk Walking (30 minutes per day)
  • Bicycling (<10 miles per hour)
  • Domestic Chores (cleaning, mopping, laundry)
  • Swimming & Cycling
  • Playing Badminton, Golf, Basketball

Physically Fit Person

Prevent High-Risk Injuries

Exercise is just great for every organ. Whether it is your heart or your bones, doing exercise regularly can save you from chronic diseases.

Exercise not only helps in increasing muscle mass, but it will also increase your bone density. When you have great muscle strength you can perform any physical activity without any fatigue while your increased bone density will save your bones from injury after a fall.

There are some specific weight-bearing exercises that are specially designed to increase bone strength.

  • Jump Rope
  • Burpee
  • Push Up
  • Lunge
  • Jogging
  • Hiking
  • Overhead Press
  • Squats
  • Calf Raises
  • Power Walking
  • Aerobics

Osteoporosis (low bone density) is a condition that affects more than 70% of old age. The disease weakens your bones so much that they can break easily making you vulnerable to bone injuries and fractures. Regular exercise increases your bone density and lowers the risk of bone injuries.

Improves Your Overall Mental Health

Exercise is not only limited to improving physical health. It plays a key role in improving the mental health of people. Regular exercise increases the production of serotonin (a happy hormone). It will make you feel good and free your mind from constant worries.

As per health experts, before starting to take medicine for anxiety or depression try to change your lifestyle for some time. Increase your physical activity and enroll yourself in any physical fitness program

Physical Fitness Will Improve Your Life Quality

Physical fitness will definitely improve the overall quality of your life. It can save you from many life-threatening diseases. As it is said, health is one of the biggest blessings, so take care of it.

Try to eat a well-balanced diet, walk regularly, do some light exercise, sleep on time, and you will soon witness the change in your life.