5 Fashion Trends That Will Dominate in 2024

  • By Spendlessy
  • Updated: Oct 16, 2023

There are people who actually love and breathe fashion. They keep an eye on every fashion trend that is going to follow in the year.

Some people crazily follow fashion trends because they want to look the best while there are also some people who follow fashion trends to fit in a part of certain community. Some people want to become style icons while some people shop because it makes them happy.

Being a fashion enthusiast, I believe we all have already shopped and sorted for Winter 2023, but fashion addiction will not leave us till we start browsing about the fashion trends that will dominate in the year 2024.

As Per Paris Fashion Week The Following Trends Will Dominate In Year 2024

Twice a year, Paris Fashion Week takes place. This year Paris Fashion Week for Summer & Spring 2024 was held between 25 September to 3 October. It was a more than-week parade that started in New York City and ended in the capital of France, Paris.

SpendLessy is helping you follow these fashion trends that were the main highlight of the event:

Drop Waist Dresses

Imagine wearing a dress where the waistline drops below the hips instead of a waist. At the runways of Collina Strada and Rachel Comey, many models were running down the runway wearing these drop-waist dresses. We believe this style will be something cool to try if draped elegantly.

Ultra Oversize Blazers

Since the 90s, blazers have been worn in corporate sectors. They look stylish yet comfortable. Every year passing, the blazers are getting bigger in size.

Oversized blazers have already been trending this year, but it seems the trend with few modifications in the style will continue in the next year.

After looking at the runways of Carven, Marni it is believed that there will be ultra oversized blazers trend next spring. The best part about blazers is they can be worn throughout the year. In spring you can wear it as a light jacket while in winter it can be used as a warm layer.

For a statement look, you can pair a blazer with wide-leg pants. As seen on runways, suits with both oversized jackets and packs look like powerful outfits. However, for casual wear, you can pair it will slim-fit jeans and sneakers.

3D Flowery Dresses

Honestly, we all are tired of patterns. This year, it will all be about dresses popping with beautiful three-dimensional flowers. From oversize to small size, this idea will cater to all body sizes and shapes.

These 3D flower motifs will not only complement with bold colors but they will also enhance the intricacy of neutral colors.

Fashion Week

Trending Colors

Though neutral colors never go out of style it looks like the coming fall will be all about bright colors.

  • A color that represents sky and sea (blue) will trend a lot. However, its tone will match the color of water and will add a touch of freshness and peacefulness to your fall wardrobe. A shade named atoll blue (an intense shade of blue color) has been chosen by many famous designers to create trendy clothes.
  • This year the color of fall (orange) will trend a lot. You can add a touch of uniqueness and liveliness when adding an orange to your wardrobe. In many fashion shows, an orangish red shade was seen a lot. From sweaters, and jackets, to dresses and handbags, orange color was seen everywhere.
  • A sunny yellow color will also be this year’s Fall/Winter color. Marni is a fashion brand that creates stylish evening dresses in different beautiful shades of yellow. Being a versatile color, shades of yellow can be used to make dresses, suits, jackets, and even pants. The best part is yellow beautifully matches both neutral colors such as black and white as well as vibrant colors such as green and red.

All About Bags

Bags are never enough for women! It doesn’t matter how many bags she has she always wants to buy one more bag all the time. At the 2024 Spring Summer Runway, these styles of bags were trending.

  • Tired of seeing those mini bags that served no purpose. Well, this year it will all about be XXL bags. From shiny leather tote bags to clutches, every other bag will be oversized.
  • For evenings, metallic bags look iconic. There are many ways to style these sparkling bags at a party. You can carry a clutch dipped in gold or you can hand a silver foiled shoulder bag.
  • This year was all about matching shirts and pajamas. Designers like Kate Spade and Micheal Kors are taking this trend to the next level. They designed matching pattern bags that exactly match your outfit. Initially, the trend was stuck with and white color palette.

How In A Budget You Can Follow the Latest Fashion Trends?

You can look like a celebrity without spending like a celebrity. We have listed down a few tips and tricks that you can follow and dress like a celebrity that too without breaking the bank.