Repurposing Old Furniture: Upcycling for a Fresh Home Look

  • By Spendlessy
  • Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Looking to revamp your living room, tired of the old furniture, or want to buy new furniture and you are short of money? The best solution is to upcycle your used furniture to save money rather than buying branded new costly furniture. Upcycling is an eco-friendly option that helps you to save money as well and give your home furnishings a new look.

The Benefits of Upcycling

Upcycling was not a popular thing to do in the past but it has been gaining popularity in the last few years, and for good reason.

It helps to reduce waste as it lessens the demand for new resources, a green eco-friendly approach. It helps to reduce carbon emissions, conserves resources, and helps new artists and enthusiasts engage in this eco-friendly approach.


Revamping existing home furnishings is often more cost-effective than buying new pieces and you can feel bankrupt after buying them. Upcycling them helps to give them a fresh look without you getting broke.

Transforming old furniture, clothing, or discarded materials into something new and useful gives them a new look. This method not only saves money but also reduces waste, making it an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to refresh your surroundings.

Custom Furniture

Upcycling allows you to customize and design your furniture to your preferences. making your illusions into reality. You can choose colors, patterns, and styles that match your decor.

Making custom furniture involves selecting and modifying different pieces of furniture elements to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that suit your particular space or style.

Preservation of Old Pieces

Many old pieces of furniture hold sentimental value. Upcycling lets you preserve these memories while giving them a new look and saving their sentimental value.

Preservation of old pieces involves protecting and maintaining them to ensure their value. Upcycling not only helps with preservation but adds a new look.

How to do Upcycling

First, you need to evaluate which furniture needs upcycling. Determine which pieces are still structurally sound and worth upcycling. Keep in mind that even seemingly damaged items can often be brought back to life with a little creativity.

To upcycle, start collecting old or discarded items like furniture, clothing, or decor, and assess their purpose and need for transformation.

Theme Selection

Always decide which theme or style you want to apply. Choosing a theme for upcycling allows us to give it a chic look. The elements you have can also help you with theme selection.

Decide a color palette that suits your taste. Do not be afraid to experiment with the colors, as the taste can change from time to time. Be flexible as themes can evolve or change over time as your tastes develop.

Repurposing Old Furniture

Ideas for Upcycling Old Furniture

SpendLessy will provide you with some creative ideas for upcycling your old furniture.

  1. Repaint and Retouch

Give a new paint coat to your vintage furniture. Always choose bold, vibrant colors to add a pop of colorful touch. Choosing soft pastels can create a cool and chic look.

  1. Artistic creation

You can use decoupage to adhere paper cutouts, fabric, or even maps to surfaces turning plain into art. You can use various materials from newspapers to add up to your desired look.

  1. Functional Shelving

Transforming your old wooden ladder into a bookshelf or repurposing an old dresser into a wall-mounted dresser can infuse character into your decor.

  1. Painting Old Drawers

You can remove drawers from an old chest of drawers, paint them in various colors, and mount them on the wall as individual shelves.

  1. Coffee Table Transformation

Transforming an old door into a coffee table is made easy by adding sturdy legs. You have the option to repaint it or maintain the original paint.

  1. Chair Plant Stand

You can convert a vintage chair by removing the seat and replacing it with a potted plant.

  1. Upgrading Door Knob

Change your old door knobs with stylish and new ones to create a beautiful look.

  1. Bicycle Wheel Table

Using Bicycle wheels as table tops can be a unique thing and can add charm to the upcycled furniture.

Finishing the Upcycled Furniture

After completing your upcycling projects, ensure that the furniture receives the proper finishing touches. Reapply paint coats, and fix anything that seems out of place. Staining housewares can bring out its deeper color giving it an amazing look.

The finishing depends on the type of housewares and their purpose to use for. It is a critical step as it not only protects the furniture but also enhances its appearance.

Maintenance Tips

Regularly clean your interior decor with a damp cloth to avoid dust, and apply furniture wax to maintain the finish of your upcycled home decor to preserve its look. Avoid harsh cleaners to avoid scratches.

Do not put heavy items on the upcycled furniture to avoid rubbing off of its polish. Protect it from sunlight and add some screws if the furniture seems to be wobbly.


Upcycling old furniture is a budget-friendly, and creative way to give your home a fresh and unique look. Upcycling gives your furniture a new life and a second time to shine. It helps you to express your style as well as helps in the reduction of waste. It also helps in transforming your old interior decor into something new and exciting. Upcycled furniture can be the most cherished part of your living space with proper care and maintenance.